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Extraordinary Architecture

Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple is a national historic landmark and is listed on several lists as one of the 100 greatest buildings in the world. It is considered one of his most important buildings. The concept Wright presented to the Unitarian Universalist congregation broke nearly every existing rule and convention for American and European religious architecture while laying the groundwork for modern buildings.  peter_cook_1.jpg

Along with a revolutionary cubist design - with no steeple and no front entrance - Wright’s Unity Temple would use concrete in a daring way. The Temple would be among the first monumental buildings in the world to be comprised entirely of poured in place, exposed concrete. The honest and elegant exploitation of this seemingly base material at Unity Temple would become a signpost for design today.

Unity Temple is not only home to our congregation, but is increasingly popular as a venue for concerts, civic meetings, and weddings. We regard making our beautiful and historical building available in this way to be part of our obligation to the greater community.

“The reality of [Unity Temple] did not consist in the walls and in the roof, but in this space within to be lived in.” - Wright, 1955

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